TTL AWARDS | TTL Won 2 Awards by China Business Law Journal 2021

On 17 May, 2021, China Business Law Journal released the list of China Business Law Awards 2021. Twelve Tables Law Firm has been recognized as the winner in following two categories:

- Notable achievers

- IP (Patent)

This is the second time that Twelve Tables Law Firm has been recognized as one the winners by China Business Law Journal.

China Business Law Awards are based on votes and recommendations received from in-house counsel, other senior corporate executives and legal professionals from around the world, as well as hundreds of submissions from Chinese and international law firms. To determine the winning firms, China Business Law Journal’s carefully evaluated each firm’s landmark deals, cases and other notable achievements in the past year, in conjunction with the recommendations and comments received.

We always commit to practicing IP law at the highest standards. We are thrilled to receive these big awards and strong recognition from clients and legal experts in two consecutive years, which will motive us to do better in the future. Mighty things from small beginnings grow.