A law firm specializing in IP & Antitrust litigation

We deeply understand that intellectual property is not only your assets, but also your painstaking efforts and growing opportunity. It's worth doing everything we can to keep your IP safe and help it grow.

We care

Our attorneys handled over 200 complicated and trans-boarder IP litigations, including 20 cases won before China Supreme Court, 6 cases named as annual top IP cases by Supreme Court, 3 cases named as representative cases by Beijing High Court, Beijing IP Court and Shanghai IP court.

We Solve

We have extensive communication experiences with multi-national companies and top-tier international law firms. About 80% of the cases we handled are for foreign clients, among which about 60% are from the U.S, 10% from Europe and 10% from Japan and other areas.

We Believe

We have substantial experience over a wide range of technologies, including cellular communications, semiconductor including chips and memories, medical devices, electrical equipment, automation products such as robots, 3D printing, software control, UI, haptics and navigation systems, etc.

Spirit of Twelve Tables

In 449 BC, ancient Rome issued its first written legislation “The Law of Twelve Tables”, which consolidated traditions into an enduring set of laws and provided understanding of some key concepts such as justice and equality. Since then, the history of law in ancient Rome and even the world has opened a new page. The name of Twelve Tables is derived from the The Law of Twelve Tables.

In the long-term practice of intellectual property law, we deeply understand that intellectual property rights, such as those created by pioneering, are always living at the forefront of the times, and we need to take care of them in a groundbreaking way. The pioneering spirit as revealed in The Law of Twelve Tables is respected and adhered to by every TTL people.

We fearlessly expect that our understanding of the law, like the "The Law of Twelve Tables", can be made public and referred by others. We sincerely hope that our experience and understanding of intellectual property will bring more value to you.